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As Editorial Director for the UCSB Course Hero branch, I am responsible for managing a team of student writers, editing their content, and producing my own articles. Browse my profile on their site, or check out the articles below by clicking on the photos!

Unique (and Cheap) Spring Break Day Trips Near UCSB

Forget Cabo and enjoy all that sunny SoCal has to offer! See sights, stars, seals, 4-D sims, and more, without breaking the bank during your spring break.

You Know You’ve Figured out UCSB When…

Test your SB IQ: How to spot the best sunsets, perfect a killer study routine, satisfy your sweet tooth — things you know if you’ve truly mastered this University.

Concerts and Venues to Check Out This Winter at UCSB

If you’ve got a bad case of the winter blues, slip on your dancing shoes and let music be your remedy at one of these events this quarter.

9 Must-Do Experiences: A Senior Gaucho’s Bucket List

There’s lots to enjoy in Santa Barbara. If you’re a UCSB senior, be sure to check these Gaucho must-dos off your list before you graduate!

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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life (that Don’t Involve a Vacuum)

These easy tips for decluttering your tech, living spaces, and cranium are well worth the very minimal effort. Get ready for a less stressful quarter!

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As a marketing intern at LoaCom, I also write for the company’s blog! The organization strives to maintain and protect the environment, which is reflected in many of their blog topics. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Everything you need to know to get started on composting in your own backyard, including where to buy a bin, what materials you can use, and how this nutrient-rich product can benefit your garden. 


5 Common Household Products Terrible for the Environment

Many items commonly found in U.S. households and grocery stores contain harsh chemicals, non-biodegradable materials, and non-recyclable plastics that contaminate our natural resources and harm our wildlife. So before reaching for that name-brand dish soap again, consider the negative long-term impact that some of your common household products may have on the environment.